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Fons and Porter
Fons and Porter's
Easy Quilts Spring 2014

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Quilter's Newsletter
August/September 2014

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Nothing Says Lovin' Like a Handmade Quilt

  It's never too late to acquire a new passion. That's what
  happened when I was introduced to quilting. Once I was hooked,
  there was no turning back. The result is an entirely new career.
  Please take a look at my patterns, and sometimes, I even have
  quilts for sale.

  Check back often for more patterns, quilts and helpful tips.
  I will do my best to make sure there is never a dull moment.

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Some Of My Most Popular Patterns

Scrappy Cat    Fly Boy

You've Been Served

Published Designs

Tomato Baskets (54K)
I made the cover!

Pink Work Pillow (45K)

McCall Quilting (639K)

Baby's First Christmas (639K)