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Free Patterns for You

Potato Microwave Bag

Potato Microwave Bag - Are you ever frustrated by the quality of a microwaved potato? And yet, the convenience of having your potato done in 5 minutes, keeps us coming back for more. This little bag makes your potatoes, moist and fluffy, every time. Here is a pattern for making yourself a bag, just like the ones advertised on televison. In fact, even better, because you can use your favorite fabrics. Also included are a page of instruction tags to attach, if you make one as a gift.

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Lila's World Quilt

Lila's World Quilt - When my granddaughter asked for a quilt with a world map, I wondered how to make it more feminine and something she would still use as she grew older. I had already made one for my grandson, with marinerís compass blocks. I didnít think she would appreciate that design, and I also wanted it to be educational, so I designed this suitcase. I added flowers to the front of each suitcase, representing the national flower of the country or countries that I embroidered on the luggage labels. The pattern for the suitcase can be downloaded here. I purchased the world map fabric online. The research and design of the flowers are up to you. Enjoy!

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Bejeweled Tree Skirt

Bejeweled Christmas Tree Skirt - This was available on P&B Textiles website, but it is gone now. Lucky for you, I saved it.

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Dresden Heart

Dresden Heart - Inspired by an out-of-print pattern, by Linda Brannock.

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Quilt Label

A Nifty Way to Label a Quilt - Here is a simple, neat and easy way to label your quilt.

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Here are some patterns I designed and are available to you for free:

poseypatch (37K)

Posey Patch - 66" Square

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itsinthebag (37K)

It's In The Bag - 50" Square

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